Electrician East Auckland

Whatever your requirements, however big or small the job, if you need an electrician in East Auckland, contact us at A Class Electrical Services.

Please call us on 021 0284 1297 to get a quote for the electrical services you need.

Emergency Electrician Howick in East Auckland

If you have an urgent or emergency situation and need an electrician to complete a repair at your East Auckland location, call us. At A Class Electrical, we provide emergency electrical services with expert advice and fast response times.

To speak to an electrician and book an emergency callout, please call 021 0284 1297.

Reputation for Quality and Excellent Service

At A Class Electrical, we are proud of our reputation and the trust that our customers put in us to complete their electrical jobs and projects. Many of those customers are repeat customers who have been using our services for years.

Our services include:

  • Electrical installations – one-off electrical installation jobs as well as new build, renovation, and commercial fit-out projects
  • Electrical repairs – all types of residential and commercial electrical repairs
  • Electrical maintenance – to ensure the electrics in your home or business are safe and to keep them operating efficiently
  • Electrical upgrades – replace your electrics with safe and more efficient alternatives
Electrician East Auckland

Residential and Commercial Electrician in East Auckland

We can help whether you need a commercial or residential electrician in East Auckland. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us:

  • Excellent standards of workmanship
  • Professional customer service and complete reliability
  • Fast response to your call, particularly in emergency situations
  • Friendly, helpful, and hard-working team
  • Qualified and experienced electricians
  • Certified and registered electrical contractor
  • Master Electricians
  • Competitive prices

Our reputation in the industry means you can also have confidence as well as peace of mind that the work we complete in your home or business will be to a high standard but for an affordable price.

Please call today to get a quote for the electrical services you need in East Auckland.

Our Projects

A Class Electrical has proudly serviced customers in the Auckland area for over 15 years.