Commercial Electrician Auckland

Are you opening your own store? Are you gutting / refitting your current location, looking to expand or upgrade? At A Class Electrical we can assist you in bringing your business plans to life. A Class Electrical can facilitate all of your lighting, power, security and data, heating / cooling, and any other specialist equipment needs that you may have. Whatever your job is, if you need it done correctly, in a timely manner and with minimum fuss, then A Class Electrical is the electrician for you.

Commercial Electrician in Auckland, New Zealand

commercial electrician auckland

If you are working on fitting out your brand new premises, you may have multiple other contractors working in your space too. We pride ourselves on our cooperation with other contractors, and will be pleased to with other businesses on your project to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. We also take the time to plan our work prior, in order to ensure you receive the best possible solution, as well as offering you expert advice to guarantee that the electrical element of your store fitting both meets your budget and satisfies your expectations.

Commercial Electrical Companies

If you’re renovating existing premises then we can help with this too, inclusive of small renovations that require your business to remain open whilst the work is being completed. At A Class Electrical, our precision and cooperation is of a high importance to our work, and you can be secure in the knowledge that our work will causes the absolute minimum disruption to your business operation as possible.

Servicing businesses throughout the Auckland area, A Class Electrical provides top quality work for all businesses and projects of different sizes. As a business owner, spiralling costs and massive overheads are the last thing you need, and we understand that perfectly. Our quotes are honest and our prices are extremely competitive – find out more and get a quote by contacting us today on 021 0284 1297.

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Why choose A Class Electrical?

  • significant experience of store fitting / re-fitting
  • extensive range of services, catering to all your needs
  • flexible times and working environment
  • dependable and professional
  • honest quote and affordable price