Electric Car Charger Installation

Installing an EVlink at your home gives you a charging station that is specifically designed for home charging of your electric vehicle. Charging your car is simple, and you are in total control of how much energy is consumed.

Vehicle Charger Installation Auckland

Electric Car Charger Installation

A Class Electrical advises charging your vehicle with a dedicated charge station that has its own socket outlet. Installing this EVlink is a straightforward process, with no danger to you, your vehicle, your electrical installation, or for any connected devices.

EVlink Installer Auckland

Whilst installing the EVink is relatively straightforward, it is highly recommended that electric car owners contact a professional to make sure it is done safely and correctly – and that’s where A Class Electrical comes in. We will have your home’s electrical system assessed to gauge the suitability for aEVlink, before designing and planning your setup prior to installation. Finally, we will install a dedicated circuit and suitable surge protection for the charger, before linking everything to your electrical distribution board.

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